amy elizabeth.

wife of eric james (who has promised to author a few guest posts).

obviously i like to write. i value words, which may be all you need to know. but i'll keep going...

i believe truth, humility, and purity are the most beautiful things to strive for in life, because they are perfected in Jesus Christ. so i continue to run after them, while knowing that God is the only one that can refine me

to Him be the glory.

(of lesser importance):

where i live: Louisville, KY

where i'm from: Bloomington, IL...although I'm pretty sure a piece of my heart is on the rez in Arizona.

who i am (on paper): Input, Intellection, Leaner, Responsibility, and Focus (Strengths Finder); ESTJ (Myers-Briggs)

what i'm crazy about: The St. Louis Cardinals, Coen Brothers movies, southwestern art, riding my bike, my husband's beard & voice, C.S. Lewis books, cooking, traveling (this list is getting too cliché, so i'm going to stop)

i think that's all you need to know. oh, and i hate chocolate.