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blast from the past

OK friends...I'm not too sure who reads this blog, so consider yourself fortunate that I am actually sharing this information:) For those of you who have only known me for a year and a half (everyone in Louisville), this may be more humorous. But for all of you, it's a lesson learned on how NOT to document your life online so you won't be completely embarrassed when you find your online journal a few years later. 


This was a website I created when I was a senior in high school and carried it through my sophomore year in college. I'm still actually rather impressed with my basic knowledge of HTML (the pictures and links pages don't work anymore, and i never actually finished the site...oh well). I was OBSESSED with Switchfoot, so everything is based around lyrics to their songs. My online journal contains some, uh...interesting things! Let's just say I was definitely boy crazy, a little too postmodern, and probably the most random person you'd ever met.


This one's a little less embarrassing...it's my journal from when I lived in AZ, for the most part. After skimming both of these sites, I've come to the realization that I've grown up a lot.



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