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From our wedding website: the story of Eric & Amy (by my husband)

Our Story

Our story is a tale of adventure, death-defying heroism and romance, of course. It is not for the faint of heart nor the lacking in courage. Come, join me as we hear the legends of Eric the Brave and Lady Amy, if you have the gumption.

How we Met

It just so happened that Eric and Amy began attending a new church on the exact same Sunday. This church was called Sojourn Community Church, in Louisville, Kentucky, the J-town campus. As fate would have it, on the first Sunday they both attended, there was a short meeting after the service for those new to Sojourn, in which they would explain a little more of what the church was about. This piqued the interests of the two, but little did they know their interests would have a new subject before the meeting was over....

As the meeting got under way, Amy could not help but notice the stunningly handsome young man sitting just a few tables in front of her. The sunlight pouring through the windows was shining in his twinkling eyes and enhancing the definition in his muscles. She felt her mouth dry up and her heart start beating faster as she imagined those eyes staring deeply into hers. Then she saw Eric. She thought he was kinda cute too.

Eric was sitting close to the front of the meeting. A keen, sharp-minded man, his thoughts were concentrated on what he was going to have for lunch that day. As he traveled in and out of daydreams, occasionally listening to the speaker, his eyes started to survey the room, as was his custom, to see if there were any hot chicks. While this practice had been fruitless many a time before, this day it would result in him finding a woman whose beauty was beyond anything he could imagine.

Somewhat sadly, the sun would set this day without the pair officially meeting each other. It would be another two weeks before the couple officially met. Two weeks filled with longing and dreaming on the part of both individuals. Two weeks where the sun just didn't seem to shine as bright as it used to. Two weeks where favorite foods seemed bland. Two weeks that seemed to span the time of two decades.

Then, just as all hope seemed lost, the couple was able to meet each other in person. Sparks flew and conversation came easily as the couple was soon separated from the rest of the world, even as people walked by. It would not be long before the couple was dating, and then officially in a relationship. As friends were stunned but happy at the rate things were going, the couple's catchphrase soon became "Hey, when you know, you know!"

The Proposal

Amy's perspective

Amy was sitting alone at home on the couch, floating between consciousness and unconsciousness, when the doorbell ringing broke her out of her doldrums. "Who could that be?" she thought to herself. "Eric isn't supposed to be here for another hour or so." With a peek through her contact paper peephole, a genius creation if she does say so herself, she almost decided not to open the door, as many times this would be some sort of salesman or creepy neighbor. Luckily, against her better judgment, she pulled the door ajar and found some index cards on her front porch. She saw that there was a trail of them leading around the side of her house.The first card read, "Follow these cards for the surprise of a lifetime!"

Excited, Amy started sprinting, displacing many cards with the wind coming off her body. She expected Eric around the corner of the house with flowers or something, but he was not to be found. Finally glancing at the cards, she noticed one of them containing the word "READ." Thinking that Eric had recycled the index cards his roommate used for homework, she picked it up and noticed Eric had written sweet nothings on the back. It finally dawned on her that she might need to be picking up the cards and reading them as she went. Amy traveled back to the origin of the cards, the front porch, and discovered her suspicions to be true when she read the SECOND card left on the ground. "P.S. You might want to pick up these cards as you go."

Amy began her journey through the yard once more, this time picking up the cards as she went and reading the cards that said READ on them. To her delight, she found sweet notes and lines from songs both she and her man like. As she stooped to pick up each card, she self-consciously glanced around, wondering if Eric was watching her. He is kind of a creeper sometimes, after all. However, the trip remained event-less until she rounded the last corner of the house and saw the cards leading back up to her front door. The last card was a continuation of the first: "Follow the cards for the surprise of a lifetime! ....with me!" She opened the door and there was Eric, on one knee, holding out a ring. He said, "Will you marry me?" Amy said yes, and ran to him and hugged and kissed him, and there was much rejoicing.

The Proposal

Eric's Perspective

That Saturday morning, Eric awoke with a clever idea in his head. He thought to himself, “Ok, I know how I am going to propose, why not do it today?” He got up, sat down at his desk, and began to work on the notecards he was going to use to propose. The couple had already decided on the rings they wanted, which were on order, but Eric wanted his bride-to-be to have something to wear in the meantime. So after completing his cards, Eric headed to the jewelry store. It turned out that the ring he picked out was going to have to be sized, which would take a couple of hours. So Eric headed home, ensured that Amy’s roommate wasn’t going to be home, scheduled a dinner date at a time later than he would propose, and waited. He only threw up a little.

After something close to eternity, the time had come to pick up the ring and put the plan in motion. Eric parked a few houses down and started walking along the sidewalk towards the house. Next door to Amy’s, a bratty little kid was playing with a water hose and decided it would be fun to try and spray Eric as he passed. Resisting the urge to make a rude gesture, Eric dodged the water and proceeded to the house. His heart was beating so hard within his chest he was sure the noise was going to give him away.

He ran up to the front porch and started laying the trail around the house. He chuckled to himself at his clever design of the arrows on the cards, made to resemble Amy’s fingers when they are pointing. They are slightly curved so that her “straight” is debatable. Eric was careful to crouch below windows as he quietly set the cards up around the house, suppressing his guilt over the fact that he couldn’t help making fun of someone, even when proposing to them. When he had finished three sides of the house, he ran up to the front porch, rang the doorbell, and ran back to the corner of the house.

Trying not to breathe, Eric waited until he heard a noise. After he had paused a few seconds, he dared a peek around the corner. Sadly, the cards were still laying where he had left them. Unsure whether Amy had come outside, he crept to the other corner to see if she would come around the house. After waiting for what seemed like 3 hours but was probably closer to thirty seconds, Eric went back to the first corner to regroup. He glanced around the corner again, and to his shock, the cards were gone! Suppressing a shriek, Eric started throwing down the remainder of his cards at breakneck speed and slid into the doorway. Panting heavily, but pleased that he had accomplished his mission, Eric assumed the proposition stance (down on one knee), got the ring out, and once again performed the hardest stunt he had been performing all day: he waited. A mood-appropriate song was playing in the background of Gilmore Girls on TV. When Amy entered the door, the song was ending, but it was unlikely that she would have heard it anyway over the life-changing sound of Eric asking, “Will you marry me?” and Amy responding in the affirmative. And there was much rejoicing.

The Proposal

Bratty Kid's Perspective

The bratty kid was playing with the water hose in the driveway. He saw a lanky man with notecards in his hands. He thought to himself, "I'm sure that guy is not doing anything important. It sure would be fun to spray him with this water hose!" So he did. And there was much rejoicing.

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