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my little piece of desert

I've been riding by bike to J-town farmer's market every Saturday morning this summer. A few weeks ago (and never since!), a lady had a small table full of succulents. I brought one home, planted it, and put it on our deck.

After a week of watching it grow, I realized I was going to need more planters--the tiny buds were getting bigger and needed more space. I knew I wanted to make my own (and not spend too much money), so I started doing some research. Design Sponge had some great ideas; but in the end, I decided to transform my kitchen canisters into planters. I was looking for an excuse to get new ones anyway (I have my eye on these), because the ones we were given had rusted and stained the counter. I didn't feel like I could throw them away since they were a gift--so I transformed them! Here's the before and after picture:

My husband helped by drilling holes in the bottom, but other than that, it was really quite simple. I used the outdoor paint I had left over from finishing our corn-hole boards, so this project cost me a total of $0. Since the succulent continues to grow, I plan on turning the old paint cans previous renters have left behind into planters.

I love succulents because they remind me of Arizona. Ever since I left, I have dreamed about moving back (and planting a church in Flagstaff, but that's a post for another day). These succulents are like little pieces of desert life for me, not to mention the fact that they are one of the few plants I am NOT allergic too. The other day, I found a local nursery that had a huge selection of all different kinds of succulents. I took a couple pictures at Thieneman's; but could have taken so many more...I was just overwhelmed by the selection!

The other day, when I was re-planting the succulents in a sand-based soil (it's rained so much this summer, the plants need a drier soil), I was reminded how much I loved to help my mom garden in our back yard. This summer, I've enjoyed rediscovering a love for something I enjoyed as a child.


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