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My first month...

My broccoli friend is still bigger than meI'm one month old today! Mom took me to the doctor, and they told her:

I'm 21.5 inches long (48th percentile), 11 lbs. 1 oz. (81st percentile), and have a head circumference of 39.4 cm. (76th percentile). I'm a pretty serious baby, so mom and dad will have to wait a couple more weeks until I start smiling regularly.

Mom and dad have figured out that I like: eating, staring at lights, chewing on my hands, sucking on my pacifier, snuggling, and laying on my tummy. I do NOT like being hungry or peeing on myself. Other than that, I'm a pretty content baby. 

Mom has lots of friends who are going to have babies this year (and hopefully be my friends!), so she's keeping a list of all the things that have been useful in taking care of me this first month:

- HALO Sleepsack Swaddle: Even though I like my hands near my mouth, my arms are crazy and constantly wake me up, so I need something to help keep them tucked in. Sometimes mom leaves them out and just wraps the swaddle around my tummy, which feels good if it hurts.

- aden + anais Burpy Bibs: I don't spit up much, but I like to have my chin wiped after eating. These are really soft and fit well around my neck or on daddy's shoulder, too.

- Zutano Booties: Mommy splurged and bought these for me. I think she's glad she did. I can't kick these off like regular socks (and mom refuses to put shoes on me since I can't even walk yet!). These keep my feet warm.

- Graco Little Lounger: This is where I sleep at night, and sometimes even during the day.

- Little Remedies Gas Relief Drops / Gripe Water: These help my tummy feel better.

- Brica Bath Kneeler: The sink at our house isn't big enough for me to fit in, so mom needs something to make bath time more comfortable for her.

- Hangers with Clips: Before I was born, mom wanted to keep my room really organized and make sure my outfits coordinated. This helped her keep my pants and shirts together so I didn't end up with any crazy combinations.

- Car Seat Cover: This one really protects me from the cold, wind, and rain. Plus it makes everything dark so I'm able to sleep easily on car rides.

- Arm and Hammer Diaper Bags: Mom and Dad saved money by just using a regular garbage can in my room. These keep my room smelling clean even with dirty diapers in the trash!

- Books: Even though I can't see the pictures well and don't really understand what mommy is saying, I still like snuggling and hearing her voice.

- Lamps: I love looking at lights! But if it's too bright, it hurts my eyes. Lamps are so much better than the lights on the ceiling.

- Pampers Swaddlers: These diapers keep me dryer (therefore happier) for longer than any of the other brands mom tried.

- Emery boards: Mom is still too nervous to clip my nails, so she files them down when I'm sleeping with these. 


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