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Adler's three months old now, and I can definitely say that SO much has changed since he was first born. While I enjoyed the first two months, this past month has definitely brought out more of his little personality; the biggest developments being talking and smiling. He seems to really be discovering his voice! I read that babies are already learning how to "take turns" when you have conversations with them, so we practice that every day. And smiles are less random now - he'll smile back at you, or when he sees you for the first time. 

He's most cheerful in the mornings, which are somewhere between 5-7am. He's either sleeping through the night, or just waking up once, which I am very thankful for!

Just like my post his first month, I wanted to update our list of baby products that have been essential to us! 

- Baby Bjorn bouncer: if we only could buy one seat for our baby, this would be it. I know a lot of babies love swings, but Adler's pretty neutral about his. However, he LOVES this. We bought it on consignment, but if I could have predicted how much he loves it, it would be worth paying full price (considering that it can be used as a chair for toddlers, this lasts much longer than any other baby seat). When I look for baby stuff, I try to 1. find products that "save space" so we can store it once we're done using it, and 2. are stylish. This definitely fits both of those requirements!

- Wubbanub: You can't understand the value of these things until you become a parent, and then it makes sense. The added weight the animal adds to the pacifiers keeps it from flying out of his mouth and on to the ground. Plus, now that Adler's becoming a bit more coordinated with his hands, it helps him keep the paci in :)

- Sakura Bloom linen ring sling: I thought about doing a whole post on babywearing, and what I've learned as a new mom. But I still need more experience :) For us, this ring sling has been the best for a newborn without much head control. It's easy to carry in your purse and put on/off. Thanks to YouTube videos - and practice - it wasn't too difficult to learn how to use. The added bonus is that it's one of the cooler options for wearing in summer months! (I found mine on Craigslist for much cheaper - that site and eBay have been my friends when looking for higher ticket baby items that aren't necessities.)

- Mamas & Papas play mat and toys: Adler loves his playmat - we chose this brand because they make much more padded mats for our wood floors. And the toys integrate black and white patterns, which Adler loves!

- 3 sprouts towel: These towels are much thicker than the standard infant towel - making it more absorbent and warmer for post-bath snuggles. Plus they are super cute! 

- Jesus Storybook Bible: In case you don't already know, this is a GREAT first Bible!

Also, for my new mom friends, the website Lucie's List was super helpful. We wanted to spend as little as possible on baby Simpson, but get the most out of the dollars we did spend (which often meant not getting the cheapest option - but getting something that was a little more versatile, or items with high reviews). 

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